11 Pictures of Dogs Licking Glass Windows

Dogs truly are special, mysterious creatures - some who have a weekly ritual of painting nose art on the invisible shields leading to the backyard. Why do they follow such strange traditions? Probably because they just want back inside while you're making dinner.

Also, why are Huskies the leading breed when it comes to window licking? The universe has so many unanswered questions.

To celebrate dogs special gifts to humans, here are 12 dogs licking glass in all their glory. 

​1. Sorry am I interrupting ?




3. Mother nature at its finest

4. Be smarter than the door


5. Why is it always Huskies that do this?

6. Dogs are a Gift.


7. At least this Husky shows a little more class.


8. Ever have that feeling you're being watched?

9. nomnomnom

10. When you're just having a rough day

11. Let's end on a high note

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