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12 Dogs with Unlikely Best Friends

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and dogs show us that despite our differences our love can all be the same.

I think the pictures we collected here prove that even natures wildest animals still can have a soft spot for dogs. They represent everything that animals enjoy - running, playing, chasing toys, exploring, hunting, and going on adventures. Maybe they should be renamed "Natures Best Friend", which has a nice ring to it ­čÖé

1. Size doesn't matter, especially when you both love running.
2. This looks like the beginning of a Disney movie.
4. When your best friend is a real ass but you love him anyway.
5. A Dog and his Ocelot
6. Okay, we cheated, there's no dog here. But look how cute they are! I'm sure you'll forgive us.
7. Meet Juniper the Friendly Fox

A photo posted by J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) on

A photo posted by J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) on

8. Kasi and Mtani - the Labrador and Cheetah that live at the Cheetah Run habitat.
9. Even 500lb predators have a soft spot for Wiener dogs. Meet Bonedigger the Lion, and Abby.
10. A Great Pyranees with his new Fawn
11. Smeegal the Serval (African Cat) and his friend.
11. Dog and a Capybara, a truly odd couple.
12. This monkey is just happy to be friends with everyone.
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