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14 Dogs Caught in Hilariously Awkward Moments

It's a good thing dog's are okay with our awful human methods of embarrassment, because most children would be scared for life. Thankfully, posting these pictures of our dogs online doesn't seem to destroy their trust in us.

These are dogs caught in hilarious, and slighty awkward moments in their lives.

1. This is why you don't let your mom dress you before you leave the house.

FlynnAndTonic on Reddit

2. How my GF sits when she's mad at me.
3. When your backpack doubles as a Pet Rocket Ship.

Emily Connelly on Twitter

4. Fritos are amazing. I don't blame this husky.

@AlexxusLeigh on Twitter

5. A combination of terror and awkward.
6. To be fair, I probably look like this when I got home too.
7. When you want to change the channel but that requires effort.

ALL_I_DO_IS_LURK1 on Reddit

8. Doga in the woods.

lovemesideways on Reddit

9. When you are your bestie get dropped off at your parents house like this, you know you're in deep trouble.

Source: Reddit

10. Derp?

Lady_Ninja on Reddit

11. Panty hose on a dog is surprisingly unsettling.

usenrame_typo on Reddit

12. Next Years Christmas Card

DTrendy on Reddit

13. When your dog is having a pool party and you weren't invited.
14. I mean, I guess if it's comfortable?
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