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29 of the Funniest Dog Tweets and Memes on the Internet

We’ve put together what we think is the funniest dog memes and tweets on the entire internet! (That may be exaggerating a bit). Tell us what you think of our selection in the comments below. And don’t forget to share some of your favorite memes with us so we can add them to the list. 

1. OMG, I hope the dog is okay!

Source: @Holly M – Twitter

“Well it was a nice lake day until my dog nearly drowned my sister”

2. The Happiest Pupper

“This is Ted. He went on his first boat ride today. Hopes you like his giraffe vest. He picked it out himself. 13/10”

3. Whippets, So Hot Right Now

Source: Me.me

“It’s called fashion, look it up”

4. What Should I Do?

Source: Imgur

“Sometimes you just feel like a dog at a llama orgy.”

5. Pugs Need a Support Human At All Times

Source: @EJDickson on Twitter

“My friends have a dog with separation anxiety and someone suggested they get a dummy while they’re away to make the dog feel better and they sent them this and I can’t stop laughing”

6. A picture that tells the whole story

Source: Reddit

Well, are you gonna throw the ball or not?

7. "Now I Have 2 Hoomans!"

Source: Reddit

“My dog likes to stare at me through windows”

8. The Best Man

Source: Today.com

The best wedding photo of all time

9. 10/10 Service

Source: Reddit

“I threw up in the car and the Uber driver at is all. Excellent Service.

10. Mr. Steal Yo Gurl

Source: Reddit

“My coworker’s dog just stole my girlfriend”

11. I'm not going down for this!

Source: Reddit

“My mom sent me this pic of my dogs tonight and suddenly this is all I can think about.”

13. The Best kind of morning

Source: Twitter

“I’m late to work cuz I followed this dog for 3 blocks in the wrong direction”

14. Zoey presents us with the highest honor

Source: BoredPanda

“This is Zoey’s pillow. If she likes you, she’ll bring you the pillow. You can’t touch it, but you can look”

15. tis the bestest of boys

Source: Imgur

“Welcome weary traveler. To my shot. How may I assist you?

> Buy      > Sell”

16. Literally Party Animals

Source: Facebook

“The best thing about dogs is u can act like something really good just happened and they’ll instantly start celebrating too they have no idea what context is, they’re just always ready to party no matter what.”


“Thor Michaelson Says NO to Vacuums. They’re loud and they freak him out”

“Thor Michaelson wants you to know Someone range the doorbell!” And he is prepared to bite them if you need. Especially if they’re wearing a hat.”

18. sMUSH

Source: Reddit

19. My heart

Source: Tumblr

“when u have nice hat and someone mentions it and you feel nice”


Source: Twitter

“My dogs favorite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him”

21. My dog is a unicorn once a year

Source: Twitter

“I let my dog live with me all year long and her rent is wearing a Halloween costume in October”

22. Seems legit

Source: Imgur

23. how to make friends

Source: BoredPanda

“I have no shame, I jumped out of the car window and got into the next car because the person was eating KFC chicken”

24. I would never stop shopping here

Source: Tumblr

“My local hardware has a dog that follows your around, and takes your items to the counter for you.”


Source: Twitter

26. Catch me outside, how bout dat!?

Source: Imgur

“Jim – Alcoholic. Wife left him”

27. Genius dog has our system all figured out

Source: TheDodo

“Dog sees students buying food and uses leaves to get food too”

28. Radically Cool Retriever

Source: Imgur

“What if I was cool. oh wait. I am”

29. Too bad schnauzers don't know how to take a vow of silence

Source: Today.com

“This monastery adopted a stray dog, now he enjoys his life as a monk.”

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