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25 Hilarious Husky Memes and GIFs

Need a good laugh? You can always depend on a Husky to be your personal comedian. But don’t take my word for it – check out 25 of the funniest husky memes and gifs we could find.

1. We all have that one dog.

2. "Excuse me... Sorry-just gonna...... Perfect"

3. When you adopt a Husky but they have the spirit of a Cat

husky cat

Source: Reddit

4. "No Touch.... I Said NO TOUCH!"

5. He's just a little Husky.

Source: Reddit

6. "Is.... Everything okay?"

7. She's still learning how to shake

8. Nobody Suspects A Thing

9. No Title Necessary

10. "You'll love your new little brother" they said...

11. What Attachment Issues?

12. Having Second Thoughts About Parenthood

13. Blink Twice If You Need Help

14. When Your Husky Is Too Polite

15. Tito Is Requesting A Walk Extension

16. The Big Bad Floof

husky costume

Source: Tailandfur.com

17. Today He Was Not A Good Boy

Source: @DrSmashLove

18. Can I Get A little Privacy Here?

19. Expectation Vs. Reality

Source: Reddit

20. Huskies Only Have 2 Modes

Source: Reddit

21. We Need Belly Rubs, STAT!

Source: Reddit

23. I Think We All Felt The Same

Source: TheChive

24. Getting A New Perspective On Things

25. If Your Husky Hasn't Made A Sound In 5 Minutes Then It's Time To Investigate

Source: TheChive

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