12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs are Good To Help Raise Children

A dog adopted into your home that is shown love, patience, and training, can be a life long companion and family member. And like any family member, they have their ups and downs, but for the short time that they are with us they remain loyal and compassionate.

At one time or another you may have seen a service dogs assisting a human with blindness down the street. But did you know that children with special needs are often given service dogs as well?

Often children with autism, sight and hearing difficulties, or other disabilities, are given service dogs to assist in their development. And they not only serve as companions to children but they keep them safe from harm and build confidence as well.

A dog can be integral in the development of all children, including building self esteem, companionship, empathy, and confidence. It teaches them the value of relationships and responsibilities.

We have listed reasons why it is good to have a dog in raising your children, whether they have special needs or not. Dogs are often seen as man’s best friend, as we have seen and proven many times, but I believe they are more so your child's best friend.

Here is our visual. Enjoy reading and be inspired by what dogs can do for your children.

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

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Shayla​ has been working closely with animals for over 10 years. Initially trained​ as a Vet Tech Assistant in a local emergency clinic, she ​later changed career paths and became a ​professional Dog Groomer, and is now running her own successful pet grooming business.

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