About Us

We have dedicated our lives to dogs.

​My name is Shayla, and I have been working closely with animals for almost 10 years. I worked in a Vet Clinic in B.C. Canada for 7 of those years, and eventually changed career paths and I am now a full time mobile Dog Groomer and loving it.

Through my personal experience I have a lot of stories and knowledge to share with you. I've met hundreds of frustrated customers and clients, who if they just had better information could save time, money, and even heartbreak.

Several years ago I met my partner, Liam, at a wolf sanctuary (how fitting is that?).

Together we built a vision for a website that educated and shared our story with other dog lovers. We talked about it for a long, long time... But it wasn't until Summer of 2016 we had finally decided the time was right to launch.

The response has been amazing so far, and I'm beyond grateful for all the feedback and kind comments you have shared with me.

With our background in grooming, healthcare, training, and just having big-hearts for animals, we have a lot of knowledge and personal experience we want to share with you. It's important to us that every bit of information we share is as accurate and honest as possible.

Follow us on our journey to helping people become better dog owners. You can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, we post there everyday. If you have any other feedback feel free to email me at Shayla [at] playbarkrun.com.


- Shayla and Liam

The name Play.Bark.Run. was inspired by our Labrador Retriever, Sam, who loves nothing more than to, well... Play, Bark, and Run.