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PlayBarkRun is a collection of canine experts and passionate owners, using our combined knowledge in animal care, breeds, and training to provide you with an awesome educational and entertaining resource. 

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Our Contributors

Katlin Primrose CAPG CSP VOA VT

Katlin is a 10-year certified master groomer, and registered veterinarian tech assistant (working in emergency, exotics, and general practice). You can also find her in the show ring with her dogs, winning awards in rally obedience and show grooming with the Canadian Kennel Club.

She is now a quadruple crown certified dog trainer and evaluator with Do More With Your Dog.

You might say she's multi-talented when it comes to dogs.

Shayla McConnell VOA

Shayla has been working closely with animals for over 10 years. Initially trained as a Vet Tech Assistant in a local emergency clinic, she later changed career paths and became a professional Dog Groomer, and is now running her own successful pet grooming business.

Liam J. Barnes

Liam is a dog trainer, owner, and lover with over 20 years experience. You can find him working with vet clinics, grooming facilities, training centres, and dog food/toy brands in order to grow their business. His passion for dogs and business make him uniquely suited to help move the world forward with canines and humans.