• Master Groomer (PIGA)
  • Certified Advanced Professional Groomer (IPG)
  • Registered Veterinary Technical Assistant (Bow Valley College)
  • FEAR FREE Certified
  • Certified Salon Professional
  • Quadruple Crown (CTDI, SDJ, CCFC, AACE) evaluator for Do More With Your Dog
  • 11+ years in vet clinics as a vet assistant and boarding / daycare manager in exotics, emergency, and general practices.


With over a fifteen years of professional experience in the world of pet care, Katlin Primrose stands as a trusted authority in the field. Her diverse background includes grooming, veterinary assistance, dog training, and more, making her a multi-faceted expert with a passion for pets. With a grooming career spanning more than 10 years, Katlin has groomed countless dogs and cats, from rescues to award-winning show dogs. Previously, she worked in veterinary clinics in general, exotic, and emergency, gaining invaluable experience with handling pets. She also is a certified dog trainer and has won several rally obedience awards with her own dogs. Katlin’s experience working in clinics and dog training have given her a unique insight into pet grooming. And her passion extends beyond her grooming table. She is dedicated to mentoring and educating the next generation of groomers. Through live seminars and online courses, she imparts her extensive knowledge and nurtures budding talent in the grooming industry.

Articles By Katlin