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28 DIY Indoor Dog Gate and Pet Barrier Ideas

Store-bought pet gates are great and all, but they’re usually expensive, may not have the right size, and don’t match your home’s aesthetic.

Who says building your own DIY dog gate has to be complicated?

We have searched the internet for various dog barricades, ranging from quick 5-minute builds to elaborate woodworking projects.

Below, we have provided links to the instructions for each project so you can see what’s involved.

If you’re still feeling crafty, be sure to check out our DIY dog feeding stations.

1. PVC Doggy Gate for Stairs

PVC and fabric pet barrier

Before we get into the fancy farm-house chic doors, let’s keep things simple and easy (yet classy). This barrier is used to keep Annie, the Golden Retriever, from going up and down the stairs. Thankfully, it was cheap and easy to build.

It’s simply a PVC frame, and some fabric with a few seams sewn in. It slides over the frame like a pillow case – and voila! A fancy pet barrier that’s easy to move.

Click here to see the full build instructions.

2. Wood Dowel Door

Wood Dowel Door

For something a little more of a challenge, we could arrange and paint wooden dowels within a simple frame to create a nice looking guard rail. It looks clean, and is surprisingly simple to construct.

Click here to see the full build instructions.

3. ‘No-Hinge’ Baby Gate

'No-Hinge' Baby Gate

There’s no hinges here, no attachments, and no drilling into the wall required. Great for renters or someone who doesn’t want to cause any damage. The bottom is lined with a soft fabric (furniture protectors) that allow for easy sliding (between the railing on the right side).

Of course, this only works if you have stairs with a railing – and you have just the right amount of space to hold the barrier upright, and be able to slide it open and closed.

Click here to see the full build instructions.

4. Stand-out DIY Doggie Gate

DIY Doggie Gate
DIY Doggie Gate

A picture is worth a thousand words – and as you can see, this project seems to serve it’s purpose quite well. The unique ‘tree’ design really makes this stand out. It’s a simple wooden frame, and then multiple 45 degree cuts. This one is tricky to build, but if you have the tools and the will, it certainly looks fantastic. 

YellowBrickHome shows us how to build the perfect doggie gate.

5. Foldable Baby Gate for the stairs

Foldable Baby Gate for the stairs

Similar to entry #2 this is another wooden dowel gate, but with an awesome foldable design. That makes things a whole lot easier for quick travel, or if you only have one hand free.

This project is surprisingly easy if you have a little bit of woodworking skill.

How to build the folding baby gate.

6. Custom DIY Indoor Pet Gate

Custom DIY Indoor Pet Gate

Instead a dog door for stairs, what if we want a barn door to block off part of the house? This custom project is beautiful and can stand up to even the biggest of dogs. I won’t lie, it’s a little more work intensive compared to some of the others.

What you end up with is a perfect door blocker for dogs.

Full build instructions on this beautiful gate.

7. Super easy PVC gate

Easy PVC Gate

I know what you’re thinking… all these baby gates look great, but they’re big projects that take some time to build.

Well, look no further – this gate puts together like Lego, and costs about $20. It’s also safer; as there’s no sharp corners (if your dog tends to hurt themselves trying to escape).

How to build your own PVC Dog Gate.

8. DIY Dog Gate Made From a Old Bench

DIY Dog Gate Made From a Old Bench

This may look like a simple and beautiful custom-built gate. But what you don’t see is this was built from the legs of an old bench. Extra points for creativity.

It proves you don’t always have to look through the hardware store, but instead at the old furniture gathering dust in the garage. A perfect small pet barrier for smaller canines.

Don’t believe me – go see how they turned something old into something new (and useful).

9. Extra Wide Fabric Pet Barrier

Extra Wide Fabric Pet Barrier

Of course we don’t want to bombard you with complex projects. Instead of construction maybe we put your sewing skills to the test. This project makes use of 2 Spring Rods (rods that are spring loaded and fit snugly between your door frame), and some fabric stretched over.

The nice feature here is you can span even the widest of doorways in your home.

Click here to learn how to make a fabric DIY pet barrier.

10. Little Red Riding Door

Red door for stairs

I think it’s safe to put baby gates and dog gates in the same category. Besides, our babies are just a bit more furry (and can jump higher). Either way, this is the perfect gate. The red color pops out but in a good way. 

Learn how to build your own Little Red Riding Door.

11. Plexi Glass Door

Plexi glass gate

This gate might look next level, but don’t be intimidated. A little bit of woodworking, painting, and a piece of plexiglass is all your need. You can paint it to match your home, and the end result looks very clean and professional.

Although, you might need to keep the window cleaner nearby for the drool marks.

How to make your own plexiglass door.

12. Farmhouse Barn Door Baby Gate

Farmhouse Barn Door Baby Gate

Farmhouse chic is all the rage right now, so I know a few of you just found your favorite baby gate on this list. It’s as functional as it is beautiful.

What’s even better is how detailed the building plans are. Remodelaholic really went the extra mile with their building instructions, so even if you’re a newbie with some tools you should be able to get this one handled.

See the full building plans here.

13. The 10-Minute Baby Gate

10-Minute Baby Gate

A couple pieces of wood, screws, and hinges is all you need here. Hence the ’10 minute’ gate.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a saw, you can get the hardware store to make all your cuts for you. Then all you have to do is drill.

Download the PDF file instructions here.

14. Dutch Door Baby Gate

Dutch Door Baby Gate

What is a dutch door? It’s a door that’s cut in half (horizontally) and the two parts open individually. Now, for this project we only need the bottom half for our doggos.

If you have an old door, these clever people cut out the bottom section and added a few finishing touches. It’s beautiful, cheap, and fits in perfectly with your home.

There’s even a short YouTube video that goes over in more detail. Check out the DIY instructions here.

15. DIY Pet Gate from a Vintage Headboard

 Pet Gate from A Vintage Headboard

If you’re into the antique look, then look no further. This gate is an old decorative headboard, with a couple of copper pipe straps to use as hinges.

Even if you don’t have an old headboard; this might spark the creative side in you, and you’ll start to see what other old furniture around your home could have other uses.

How they made a decorative baby gate from an old headboard.

16. DIY Custom Pet Gate

DIY Custom Pet Gate

When Kim was designing a pet gate she had 4 main goals in mind:

  1. It had to be easy to open
  2. It had to self-close and latch
  3. It had to be comparable in price
  4. It had to be PRETTY

At just $47 in materials (about half the cost of a premade gate), I would say she nailed it.

Learn how to make your own pretty pet gate for under $50.

17. The $25 Barn Baby Gate

$25 Barn Baby Gate

Since we’re talking about staying within a budget, I think $25 for something this perfect will certainly get some attention. Some wood, hinges, and a few screws is all you need to get going.

The $25 Barn Baby Gate Build Instructions.

18. The Screen Barrier

Screen Barrier

What if you don’t need a gate to cover a doorway – but a huge opening instead? What if you’re dog is so impressively athletic that she can clear any barrier in their path?

We need to upgrade our technology. In comes the screen door barrier. It’s 57.5″ inches tall and 135″ inches wide. Of course, we can reduce the width by removing a screen or pushing them closer together.

And unless your dog is an Olympic athlete – they probably won’t be able to hurdle this barrier.

DIY instructions for the screen barrier.

19. Rustic Indoor Dog Fence

Rustic Indoor Dog Fence

This gate was designed out of desperation. It would seem their Jack Russel Terrier was a big fan of Spider-man, and could scale just about any fence in her path.

The solution was this metal screen, and a plexiglass barrier over one side.

Of course, they stained and added some features to give it a beautiful finish.

Building the ‘unclimbable’ pet barrier.

20. Build a cheap gate without tools

Build a cheap gate without tools

I get that every one of our gates has involved some kind of construction ability. So I felt it was important to include something that literally required no tools.

Look closely and you’ll see this is just a wire shelf with some zip ties.

This will work great for most small dogs. A big dog will probably barrel right through it however.

Check out how to to build a super easy and cheap gate. 

21. Free Standing Pet Barrier

 Free Standing Pet Barrier

In similar fashion to our previous barrier – but a bit more fancy – this is a free standing barrier that it’s to fold up and move when necessary.

It’s great for small to medium sized dogs, but a big dog might put the gate to the test.

DIY Plans on making this free standing pet barrier.

22. DIY Simple Baby Gate

DIY Simple Baby Gate

Nothing complicated here – just another simple baby gate with a nice stained finish. Even with the rounded railing on the right side, they found a clever way to secure a gate latch, and some 90 degree steel L channels to ensure the railing doesn’t break with force.

Full Build Instructions Here.

23. Fabric (Velcro) Pet Barrier

Velcro fabric baby gate

Let’s say you have multiple pets; you have no problem letting the cat roam freely, but the dog needs some segregation. How do you implement automatic traffic control? With this clever fabric panel.

It’s loose enough on the bottom to let your kitties travel, but a larger dog can’t get past.

Build a Velcro fabric pet barrier here.

24. Extra Wide PVC Gate

If the entrance to your stairs is much too wide for a typical store-bought gate, you’ll need something that can reach. PVC comes to the rescue again. For about $20 worth of PVC parts, and an hour of your time, you’ll have something that can span any distance. Minimal construction experience required here, this stuff puts together like Lego.

How to build this PVC gate.

25. Fabric DIY Stair Gate (No sewing required)

Back with another fabric gate, this one resembling something a little more “Spider web” like. Thankfully, no sewing is required in the making of this barrier. Instead, Casey used a heat activated adhesive. And with the clever use of 4 cord bundler hooks off Amazon, you now have a neat little pet gate. 

See how Casey built her barrier here.

26. Professional Looking PVC Gate

What’s so cool about this gate is how pro is looks, but made entirely at home on a small budget. Look closely and you’ll notice the outside ring is PVC, and the bars are actually wooden dowels.

You simply need to drill out some holes along your pipe, fit in the dowels, and snap together your PVC parks. Add a few hinges and brackets to hold everything together and you’re good to go!

Click here to learn how to make this awesome gate.

27. DIY Gate for $3.75

That’s right, a beautiful gate for $3.75. Little Victorian stripped down an old baby crib for parts and used the available pieces to make this gate.

The crib was free, so all they did was paint and add door hinges.

Not only is it clever, it looks beautiful.

You can check out how they built it here.

28. Sliding Wood Gate

This list had a severe lack of sliding gates, until we found this beauty.

It looks complicated, but when you break down each component it’s actually quite simple to build.

That being said, you’ll need some tools and a bit of experience using them. But thankfully this guide has videos and layouts to show exactly how to make it.

Check out Belt & Boxes for the full build instructions.

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