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15 DIY Dog Porch Potty & Grass Box Projects

Looking for an indoor dog potty solution? Or maybe you need a designated potty spot in the yard so they don’t ruin the grass?

Or maybe the problem is you don’t have any grass in the first place.

Either way, we’ve gathered 14 different DIY projects to inspire you, and help your dog do their business.

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Why Make a Potty Box?

If you’re here looking for build instructions then you probably don’t need a lot of convincing on why an indoor potty or grass box is so beneficial.

But if you’re still unsure – here’s a few key advantages:

Living In A Condo

You live on the 14th floor of an apartment building and your furry little friend needs to go pee for the 6th time today.

Sure, you can take the elevator up and down (or the stairs if you’re feeling really ambitious).

But taking your dog out at all hours of the day starts to get pretty old. Especially if your dog has a habit of doing their business late into the night.

Protect Your Yard

These projects aren’t just for indoor use – you can put them outside for designated potty spots. Why you may ask? To protect the rest of your yard from pure destruction.

Your dog’s waste contain high amounts of nitrogen. In abundance, nitrogen has the potential to ruin your yard by causing burn spot on the grass.

Alternatively, you may have no grass in your backyard whatsoever. In that case, a little grass spot will help train your dog where to do their business.

Easy Cleanup

Fake grass is surprisingly easy to clean with a garden hose. Even if you choose to use real grass, all the cleanup is in one small space (rather than cleaning through an entire yard).

Not to mention, a lot of these project ideas have drainage systems.

How Much Does it Cost To Build One?

Prices can vary from place to place, and how extensive your build is. Also, big dogs require a bigger space.

Most of these builds require some basic tools (measuring tape, saw, drill, drill bits, etc…). And you’ll need some materials such as lumber, screws, and fake or real grass.

Side note: You can get the hardware store to cut all your lumber for a small fee. So you may not need a saw.

The more extensive projects come with features (like PVC drainage) that will make your life much easier, but will certainly add to the total cost and build time needed.

With all the hardware and materials:

  • You are looking at anywhere from $30 to $100 USD.
  • If you need to buy tools then this cost goes up significantly.

14 DIY Indoor Dog Potty Ideas

Ready to start building? Here’s a list of ideas and videos to get you started. And when you’re done check out our DIY Indoor Dog Gates

1. DIY dog grass potty box for apartment pets

dog diy porch potty

Charlie the Corgi lives in a condo in Boston. But as you may already realize: condos are quite restricting when it comes to potty time.

Thankfully, with a quick trip to the hardware store and some work from his humans, Charlie now has a beautiful balcony potty spot. You’ll need a few tools (saw and drill), some sod, and a little patience, but the end result is beautiful.

Click here to see the full build instructions.

2. Apartment potty box with real grass and drainage

dachshund sitting in apartment grass box

This grass box is a lot more involved. It comes with an ingenious drainage system and beautiful craftsmanship.

That does mean, however, that you’ll need some woodworking skill and the tools to get the job done. But in the end you’ll have a high-tech bathroom (with real grass) just for your dog.

Click here to check out how it’s built. 

3. DIY Apartment Pet Potty

Super budget friendly, easy to build, and ready for your apartment pup. It even has wheels for easy transportation (and clean up).  

This project makes use of real grass, which typically needs to be replaced once every 2 to 3  weeks. 

Bigger dogs might need a more durable platform (thicker plywood), and wheels to suit their weight capacity. You can also place a 5th wheel in the middle of the platform.

4. Fake Grass Patio Potty

Porch potty

This is a beautifully crafted piece. If you look through the instructions you’ll see the level of thought and detail they put into their design. Even the drainage system is on a professional level.

That being said, you’ll need some construction experience and tools to put this project together. If you’re up to the challenge: check out the full build instructions.

5. Fake Grass Patio Potty #2

Puppy lab sitting in fake grass box

Similar to our previous entry, but with a few clever shortcuts.

You can use a drip pan from a water heater, a piece of plywood of the same size as the drip pan, and a hose for draining water to create this porch potty.

This drainage system allows you to “flush” after the dog pees; by simply pouring water on the grass it cleans and drains the mess through the drain pipe.

See how to make one for yourself.

6. Simple and Easy

Very simple and low budget grass box

We’ve covered some pretty extensive projects in this list. Let’s dial it back a little and get back to something super easy to build.

While this project doesn’t provide details, we can make a few assumptions on what they used.

  • The mat on the bottom left looks like a rubber interlocking mat (which you can pickup from Home Depot). It has dime sized holes to make for easy drainage.
  • The tray is a 48″ Crate Tray, used for kennels, and is available at pet stores or Amazon.
  • Artificial grass can be purchased at most home hardware store.

Check out Instructables for more info.

7. DIY Dog Patio Potty

DIY Porch Potty
We’re back to our epic builds, but what I like about this project is how well laid out the instructions are.

There’s no guess work here – every size cut, tool, and price is laid out for you. Just like a recipe, all you need to do is the labor.

Click here to see the step-by-step instructions.

8. DIY Dog Patio Potty

A DIY Dog Patio Potty using bark mulch

Here’s something a little different. While some other porch potties are quite fancy with their features – this one was born out of pure necessity. It’s simply some boards, a tarp, and bark mulch.

The mulch will need to be replaced once or twice a year, but otherwise this is a nice low maintenance solution. 

See how they made the mulch patio potty.

9. Hydroponic Grass In a Storage Container

tiny grass potty out of a storage container

Bean the Chihuahua lives in a high rise apartment and needs somewhere to conduct his business.

Because Bean is so small he doesn’t require a large space. This ingenious design has you grow your own hydroponic grass (which is super easy to do), and simply place it in a cut-out storage container. 

How to grow grass and make a small potty space.

10. How to make an indoor / outdoor pet bathroom

Cutting the edges of the artificial turf and developing a passage for waste to drain results in a product that is comparatively less stinky. This is a short video that shows how to build just that in minutes.

11. Ultimate Porch Potty

Here is something a little more amazing to look at. It looks fancy, and requires some work, but it fits beautifully into any backyard space.

Make sure you check out the video description for a list of all the materials and measurements needed.

12. Indoor Porch Potty with drain

Porch potties are usually placed outside (hence the “Porch”), but this one was designed to stay in the bathroom.

Not to mention, not all condos have a balcony. So in order for it not stink up the place, it needs an easy drainage and cleaning system. Thankfully, there’s a perfect solution.

Check out how they designed this system for easy cleaning.

13. Planting grass on concrete

Planet boxes outside

I found this in my search for the perfect potty system. And while it’s no specifically designed for that purpose, it would certainly get the job done.

This grass box was created because the owners had a backyard of pure concrete, and needed to introduce a little nature back into their lives.

How to plant grass in a concrete backyard.

14. Stained Astroturf Box

Finally, we have one last video, that’s similar to other builds we have covered. But it’s always nice to have a video for reference (for all you visual learners out there).

This grass box was designed for a medium sized dog, so it required a little extra support which is outlined in the video. The stained finish is a nice touch. And I really like how they use simple materials to create the drainage system.

Now help your canine get around a little easier with some DIY Dog Ramps for the bed, patio, or stairs.

15. How To Make: Real Grass Indoor Potty

a REAL GRASS potty box

We talk a lot about indoor spaces with fake grass, but what want things to be a little more natural? May we present the Real Grass indoor potty that costs less than $20.

This ingenious and budget friendly innovation uses a simple bread crate, some organic soil, and square of turf. Just add water and sunlight from time to time.

What happens if the grass starts to smell or die? Simply replace it with more turf. Typically this patch of grass stays fresh for about a month.

Check out how to make your own Dog Turf.

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