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20 DIY Dog Ramps & Steps (For Bed and Stairs)

We have a few older dogs in our home, including one with sore hips. Not to mention a Dachshund that likes to leap off the bed (which is just a little bit concerning). It was definitely time to invest in a ramp.

While we found a few pre-made solutions at the store – they were quite expensive, not very sturdy, and never the right size or height.

A DIY Doggie Ramp was the solution. These are all the different ramps we’ve found in our search; ranging from simple and easy, to beautiful and elaborate. There’s a ramp here for everyone (and every doggo). 

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1. Easy IKEA Ramp

We’ll start off with something really easy and perfect if you have a smaller dog. We have a dachshund that believes she can fly. Often times she’ll do a full leap off the bed and we were terrified she would hurt her little legs.

This ramp is easy, budget friendly, and Dachshund approved. Oh, and it only requires one trip to IKEA.

Check out the full instructions here.

2. Beautiful Pet Steps

Going from super easy to something a little more elaborate. That being said; this project isn’t terribly difficult (if you’ve got a little bit of building experience). You’ll need a saw, some clamps, a little patience, and definitely some accurate measuring skills.

Building plan and instructions here.

3. Doggie Bed Ramp with Smart Storage

Who says a dog ramp can’t also be practical?

Don’t let this ramp fool you – it’s surprisingly easy to build. You simply assemble the shelves using some premade crates, then just lean a ramp over the side (and secure it down).

HGTV Build instructions.

4. Collapsible Dog Ramp

Most bed ramps are a permanent structure. But wouldn’t it be nice to transfer it from the bed to the couch when needed? Or even to be folded away so you can clean underneath.

This project requires a little bit of carpentry, but the final product is far more convenient.

Check out the full instructions here.

5. Making a Wiener Ramp

Written instructions are great, but videos really show more of the building process. So I definitely wanted to include a few build vids. Here it is: The ultimate weenie ramp.  Again, some construction experience and tools are required. But Make Something walks you through the process. Also, this is a HUGE ramp. So it’s perfect if you have multiple dogs stampeding towards your bed.

6. Super DIY Dog Ramp

This is the exact ramp we build for our dog at home, and it’s glorious. We used some scrap studs, plywood, and carpet (from a renovation years ago) to build this. I borrowed a circular saw and a drill. We ended up paying $15 to build this ramp, and I couldn’t be happier.

What made this the perfect ramp for us was how we could easily change the measurements to fit the size of our dogs, and the height of our bed. And our bed is incredibly tall.

Irresistible Pets Ramp Instructions

7. 3D Instructions

All these instructions are great, but this one is a little different. It’s printed out like a recipe with 3d sketch ups of the ramp. It’s a little more precise and professional. So this may be a little more what you’re looking for when it comes to directions.

Build Instructions

8. Basic Ramp by Instructables

While this looks pretty similar to some of the other ramps on this list, I will say these build instructions are really helpful. Lots of pictures and detailed write ups make this build a breeze.

Indestructible Basic Dog Ramp Instructions

9. Epic Collapsible Pet Ramp

We looked at a collapsible pet ramp earlier, but this one takes it to the next level. It’s designed to easily slide from underneath your bed. It collapses or extends in one smooth motion.

With that being said: this one is for people with building experience.

Detailed instructions here

10. Ikea Crates

I feel like we’ve spent most of this list covering really detailed and work heavy builds. So let’s build something that just about anyone can handle. And that’s a trip to IKEA.

It’s literally some creates stacked up with a fabric covering. The build will take you as long as it takes to get back from the store (along with a few staples from a staple gun).

How to build crate steps

11. Outdoor / Patio Ramp

While most ramps are designed to help your pup get in and out of bed, what about those that struggle with stairs? This is great project for older dogs with old bones that need a little help.

How to build outdoor ramp

12. Beautiful Custom Ramp

I found this absolutely beautiful ramp in my search. Unfortunately, my Spanish is a little rusty. Thankfully (through the power of the internet) we can use Google Translate to get a pretty good english version. I’ve included this link below.

Custom ramp instructions (Spanish)
Custom ramp instructions (Google Translated to English)

13. Long Outdoor Ramp

If you’ve got lots of steps that need the full ramp treatment; this is the best video I’ve found. It’s fairly simple too (even if your steps are concrete). The tarp/vinyl covering is a clever idea to ensure your ramp stands up again the weather (and time).

14. Carpeted Outdoor ramp for Big Dogs

This ramp was specifically designed for an 80 pound Rhodesian mix that ACL surgery. Basically, she’s a big girl with sore knees. Thankfully her owner used some scrap wood to make things a little easier….

DIY Dog Ramp Instructions

15. Adjustable Angle

What if you need a ramp where you can easily adjust the angle? Maybe you need the ramp to be portable and usable for various couches and beds. We have just the solution. This ingenious little ramp is perfect if you have a little pup that needs to be in tall places.

Instructions on how to make the adjustable ramp

16. Repurposed Ramp From Old Cabinet Door

If you’re like me your house is constantly in between reno’s. Just as your finishing the kitchen you’ve already begun tearing up the bathroom floor. It’s an unhealthy cycle. At least you can repurpose those old cabinets (or anything else solid enough) for your next mini-project (a mini-ramp), which will give you 10x the satisfaction.

Full written instructions here

17. Window Perch

My dog’s self proclaimed life duty is to carefully watch the squirrels and bunnies from the front window. Also to let us know (as loudly as possible) when our Amazon packages have arrived. 

You can assist them in their obligations by contributing a full time window seat. Cleverly using some IKEA boxes and shelves makes it easy to build.

Full IKEA hack build instructions

18. Window Perch

This ramp was designed for a cat, but who says cat’s get all the nice things? It can work just as well for a small dog (medium to large dogs might need something a little more sturdy). Either way, it’s a nice looking build with attention to detail, and it’s easy to build.

What’s even better is the detailed build instructions making it even easier to replicate.

Build instructions here.

19. Collapsible DIY Ramp

And to ramp things down (yes, I just made that pun) we have this final project. It’s a simple two-piece ramp that can fold away for easy storage. It makes clever use of fishing line and gate hooks to keep it sturdy while upright. You’ll have to see the full build to see what I mean.

How to build the collapsible dog ramp

20. Collapsible DIY Ramp

Finally, we have this simple and inexpensive ramp to help with all sorts of everyday tasks. Like climbing into the car, getting on the bed, or adventuring to the couch. The beauty of this project is it’s inexpensive, light, and portable.

Actually, it only uses 2 things – a shelf rack from Home Depot, and some carpet.

How to make this super inexpensive ramp.

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