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How To Make a Bandana For Your Dog in 10 Minutes

​One of my favorite things to do ​when I finish grooming a dog in my shop is to send them home with a super cool bandana. They​ only take me a few minutes to make and ​my clients absolutely love them. As you might imagine, I often get asked ​how my clients can make their own bandanas at home. So I've decided to ​share ​a few of my bandana "recipes" here.

​What You'll Need To Get Started

​Before we get started we'll need a few basic things:

  • ​A measuring tape​
  • A pair of scissors
  • An elastic band
  • ​Some fabric of your choice

​Further down I'll ​explain how to use this technique using a sewing machine.

​​The "No Sew" Bandana Technique 

​Here I'll ​show how to make a bandana in 10 minutes using some fabric and an elastic band.

​If you want something a little more long-lasting, and you have some ​basic sewing skills, then I recommend you check out my instructions on ​how to make a bandana with a sewing machine.

1. Measure Their Neck

​Using a measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck where you want the bandana to sit. ​Add 4 extra inches to the measurement - this will ensure you have some ​extra length ​to secure the ​fabric, and it's comfortable for your dog to wear.

2. Make Your Triangle

​Flatten out your fabric and ​fold to create a ​large triangle. The longest edge (where it's folded) is the measurement you got from your dog's neck. 

3. Cutting 

​Once you have a perfect triangle and the measurement is right, cut along the entire fold line.

4. Secure Bandana with Elastic Bands

​Place the triangles over your dogs neck, and twist the ends together shown in the picture above. Now grab an elastic band - and just like you're wrapping a ​pony tail, wrap the elastic band multiple times over the fabric ends to secure it. 

Important Note: As a safety precaution we use elastic bands because they will purposely break under strain. Knots, buckles, or clamps will not break, and if their bandana gets caught on something it could potentially choke your dog. 

​5. ​Done

​Finally, I like to fold the top of the bandana inwards to hide the cut line. And that's it! A super simple bandana. 

Making a Bandana With a Sewing Machine

1. ​Get Your Measurement and Fold

​To get the ideal measurement: lay out your dog's collar flat on a table, measure the entire length, and ​subtract ​1/​4 of the total length. For example - if your dog's collar is 20 inches ​long, 1/4 of that is 5 inches, leaving us with ​15 inches. But feel free to make it bigger or smaller​ based on your personal preference. 

​Next: Get some fabric of your choice, and fold it to make a large triangle. The longest edge (where it's folded) ​will be the measurement we got of our dog's collar. 

​2. Cut Out Your Triangles

​Cut along the entire fold line. You should now have two separate triangles of fabric. 

​3. Cut The Ends Off

​Cut off the corners of your triangle. This is where the collar will be inserted, ​the more you cut off the bigger the opening will be. Ideally we want this opening to big slightly wider than the collar so it's snug but not impossible to fit in.

​4. Place Right Sides Together

​Place your triangles right sides together, so the printed side are facing each other. 

​5. Sew Long Side

​Sew along the longest side of your triangles. 

8. ​Sew The​ Ends

​Unfold your triangle and lay print side down. Now fold ​the ​ends (the cut corners) and sew.

9. ​Sew Last 2 Edges

​Fold the triangles back together, and we'll sew the last 2 long edges, sealing the triangle​.

10. Turn Inside Out

11. Sew a Straight Line

​Sew one last straight line just below the opening, this will secure the collar in place

11. Insert Collar

​Slide your dog collar through the opening, and then put the collar on your dog. 

12. Done!

​Another Completed Example

Katlin Primrose

​Katlin is ​a 7-year certified advanced professional groomer, a registered veterinarian tech assistant (working in emergency, exotics, and general practice), and even​ runs her own popular collar and leash brand. You might say she's multi-talented when it comes to pets. 

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Katlin Primrose

​​Katlin is ​a Certified Master Groomer (PIGA) and a registered Veterinarian Tech Assistant (working in emergency, exotics, and general practice). You can also find her in the show ring with her dogs, winning awards in rally obedience and show grooming with the Canadian Kennel Club. You might say she's multi-talented when it comes to pets.

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